Biqtch Puddin

Emmy nominated
Actor | Gaymer | Drag Queen

About Biqtch

Steven Glen Diehl is a non-binary gaymer, actor, and drag queen living in the armpit of America: Los Angeles, California. Since receiving a degree in Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015, Steven can be seen on television, short films, web series, and stages across the world. Steven’s drag alter ego Biqtch Puddin’ won season 2 of the Boulet Brothers’ DRAGULA. They also are a twitch Partner, co-creator of the Digital Drag Show and Spokeswoman of #CLASSICAMERICANTRASH.

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In addition to film, television and other acting work, Biqtch is also available for LGBTQ+ corporate consulting, podcasts, and events. Have a dull business function? Spice it up with süm Biqtch!

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The Digital Drag Show is the first ever Drag show on twitch, has garnered a loyal fanbase of 30,000 viewers and features talent all over the world. From RuPaul's Drag Race, DRAGULA, Las Mas Draga, House of Drag & more. We feature all types of drag and are open to all queer entertainers. If interested, apply at  and you too can be a part of the future of drag!

The Digital Drag Show takes place each and every other Friday at 7PM PDT / 10PM EDT. Biqtch also streams on Mondays for Muggle Mondays at 5PM PDT / 7PM EDT where they play video games out of drag with fans and on Thursdays for Biqtchin' Makeup at 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT where she does makeup and gets ready with a special guest. They most likely will be picking their nose during all of this so follow and lose your IQ!

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